Sunday, July 26, 2009

Art history reflections: Karen Bennett

My work is visual communication,
and I would rather show than tell.
I combine words and images to convey ideas.

This piece is the start of a visual summary of some of the main themes of this class.
To complete it I would like to include some representative works.

My natural tendency is toward the side of reason,
but this is a reminder that we all embody both aspects,
and sometimes I will need to use the tools of passion
to communicate most effectively.

Karen Bennett


Gabe said...

Great visual Karen. Powerful tool- cliff notes to say something smart about just any work of art. I'd love to see it continue beyond romantic into the impressionists and the modern...

Karen said...


Thanks! Yes, it's a useful framework for viewing art. I also was tempted to try to extend it into later movements, but I'm not sure it would be valid. Changes in technology and society allow a vast array of styles to coexist at once, and influence each other almost instantly, unlike the past, where styles evolved more slowly.