Monday, October 3, 2011

The Color Matrix

Following the ARRAY concept of color relationships, I have expanded Josef Albers' two-parent relationship to a broader spectrum of color possibilities. The results are startling and a new tool for those who seek color harmony.

Tags: Color relationships, Color Matrix, Josef Albers, Richard Nelson, Dick Nelson, Matrix, Color Harmony, Color Solution, Color Families, Color Luminosity, Halation, Vanishing Boundaries, Colors That Work, Color Pyramids, Making Color Glow

Color Luminosity

Here are two ways color luminosity can be achieved. This should dispel the notion that the French Impressionists achieved color luminosity by way of full chroma color application. See the truth with your own eyes.

Tags: Color luminosity, French Impressionists, Claude Monet, Color Halations, Vanishing Boundaries, Dick Nelson, Toned color, Equal Value, Richard Nelson, Color Misconceptions, Josef Albers, Interaction of Color, Optical Illusions, Color Glow, Color, Monet Landscapes, Color Snobbery, Color Mysteries, Color Knowledge

Color is Relative

We perceive the hue and value of colors according to their surroundings. This video demonstrates just how relative color is and provides an explanation.

Tags: Color is relative, Josef Albers, Dick Nelson, Color Deception, Color theory, Gray scale, Hue, Value, Interaction of color, Itten, Optical Illusions, Op Art, Understanding color, Color, Complementary Colors, Color Arrays, Color Families, Related Colors