Thursday, April 30, 2009

Last class

We had the last session of art history today. Curtis took a couple photos with his iPhone. Dick had asked us each to sum up what we'd gotten out of the class. I'll be posting several summaries, but thought it would be nice to start with this one from MJ, which I think speaks for most of us.
What I got out of my summer vacation art history class which was in the middle of the winter. . .

Frankly, I would not pass an art history test and I did not take a single note. In the first class, I started to take notes, harking back to my days of being a good student, then I realized that I just wanted to listen. I didn't want to study notes. Instead, I wanted to pay attention to you and learn from you. I will not use this information to become an artist or to visit European museums. I just wanted to learn.

And I did. I know very little about art, how to judge it, how to spot "real" art, how to appreciate how it has evolved. I would never have given Picasso's bicycle seat and handle bars a second glance. Now, however, I understand that the religious art that I have always so hated has a very interesting evolution. Art evolves just as man's consciousness evolves.

I learned. I broadened my mind and my understanding of art. I enjoyed the artists in the class. I had a fun time.

I want my mind to be as sharp as yours when I'm 80. And, as a student of people and a writer of their peccadillos, I watched and learned how you use humor and positive, good will to make everyone in the class feel special and loved. They all cling to your words and your insights, not just because you are knowledgeable and have a lot of answers, but because you are a fun and positive person to be around. You have a spirit that is even more delightful than your class.

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